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Welcome to Bamboo


Welcome To Bamboo Sea


    Bamboo Sea Carbon Industry (Fujian) Co., Ltd,Located in north of Fujian Province,well known as the”China Bamboo Hometown”,with facility more than 20000 Square meters,specilized in bamboo charcoal, bring you natural bamboo charcoal products to purify your air and to absorb odours and moisture from around your home and beauty products that uplift and revitalise.Bamboo is treasured for its healing powers, beauty and versatility. A special heating process creates bamboo charcoal with billions of porous pockets and powerful ability to absorb odours,moisture, chemicals  from the around environment. Bamboo charcoal also purifies drinking water and enriches it with minerals.


The Function and Benefits of Bamboo Sea Bamboo Charcoal products:

Dust Mite,Absorb;Electromagnetic Waves;Absorb Toxin;Odour Absorber;Anti-Bacteria;
Absorb Formaldehyde;Skin Beauty;
No Fragrance or chemicals;
100 percent natural Moso bamboo;
Grown in Zhenghe in pesticide-free forest programs;
Ancient technology – proven to remove odours and moisture;Purifies water by absorbing harmful
chemicals and releasing nutrients;
Unscented and hypoallergenic;
Creates a more calm and healthy environment;
Cleanses and nourishes your body and hair;
Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.

● Bamboo charcoal industry make high-quality goods with bamboo charcoal
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  • The enterprise through the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system recognition
    Company Name:Bamboo Sea Carbon Industry(Fujian) Co.,LTD. Address:Helin Industrial Zone,Zhenghe,Nanping,Fujian,P.R.China
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